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It takes a lot of organization and passion to run and sustain an online casino. Stopping nothing short of excellence, the customer support team is standing by at your beck and call.

Friendly Customer Support

Winning and having fun is the name of the game here at Lucky Red Mobile Casino, and the only things that the brass here wants its members to focus on. The customer support team is more than equipped on more than one front to handle all the customer support needs.

The primary way to get in touch with the customer support staff is through live chat. All through the site you will find a tab for live chat. Clicking pulls up the form. For further and easier access, there is a drop down menu with many options that you want to expound on. After that, it shouldn't be long before you're in touch.

The other customer support options are email and toll free phone. When sending out an email, please wait a couple of business days for a response. There is also toll free phone so it won't cost you anything to call them. The customer support team is standing by 24/7, 365 days of the year to help you.

Other Customer Support Methods

For those who want to find quicker answers on your own, Lucky Red Mobile Casino also has extensive self help customer support. One quick way is the frequently asked question section. In this area, members can find quick answers for popular issues such as registering and opening an account, and other common questions such as who is Lucky Red Mobile Casino and things of that nature.

Other sections include what you need to get started and the appropriate documentations for setting up your account. And of course we can not leave out the cashier. For more info and quick answers on the role of the cashier and the aspects of dealing with the cashier are right here waiting for you in the frequently asked questions section.

For those who want more information on the bonus terms and requirements, there is an entire section that covers all of that and more. They even go into detail about the comp points you win. There is a section which covers technical questions as well. There is even a section devoted for privacy policy and the information they collect.

All members of Lucky Red Mobile Casino will receive 24 hour customer support and the team are available to assist with any question you may have regarding any aspect of the casino, be that making a deposit, a bonus enquiry or even help with downloading the casino software.

You may call the team toll free from the US on 1-866-513-0857 or you may use the live chat or email options, and the friendly and helpful team will do their very best to answer all questions as swiftly and as efficiently as possible.